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Placement Cycle

Spring 2017 Placement Cycle Dates:

September 12 - October 2, 2016: Hospitals review, confirm, and extend availability through May. It is understood that some hospitals will need to modify this availability as census and building plans change. These changes can be done on an as-needed basis throughout the year.

October 3 - October 23, 2016: Schools submit placement requests for all courses that run January through May. Schools should not submit placement requests prior to these dates.

October 24 – November 13, 2016: Hospitals review proposed requests, make placement decisions and respond to all placement requests. Hospitals should not make placement decisions prior to these dates. Be sure to run a report of all placement requests using the Placement Calendar prior to accepting placements. Additionally, hospitals are encouraged to accept long-standing/historical placements and to decline proposals they cannot accommodate as quickly as possible as a courtesy to the schools.


What's New?

Navigational Changes:

  • Top menu bar to assist in moving between sections
  • Highlighted section titles to identify current page
Enhancements for School users:
  • Number of student spaces available/placed posted on View/Edit proposals page
  • “Mouse over” functionality on the View/Edit proposals page
  • Clinical Agency filter added to the View/Edit proposals page
  • Cleaner and simpler layout on Historical Placement page
  • Clinical Agency filter added to the Historical Placement page
Enhancements for Clinical Agency users:
  • Placement Summary page will display the program type
  • Improved functionality for the Request Summary page:
    • An automatic system alert that displays pending requests
    • Course/Cohort filter allows users to view request details for an entire cohort
    • Overlap Indicator column allows users to view overlap details without leaving the screen
  • Easier method of viewing/updating comments on the Edit Unit Schedules page

About CCPS

The Centralized Clinical Placement System is an internet-based tool designed to help address and improve the growing nursing shortage problem. Underutilization of existing clinical placement sites for nursing students and an inefficient clinical placement system combine to form one of the barriers to increasing the number of qualified nurses.

This system brings together school and clinical agency information in a centralized, online format. This enables schools and clinical agencies to achieve a higher level of operating performance: (i) schools can rapidly match clinical placement opportunities for student cohorts (group of 8-10 students) and (ii) clinical agencies can effectively manage a single schedule (for all participating schools) while increasing the number of students within their agency, which provides direct observation and potential identification of future employees.

Thank you to the Betty Irene Moore Nursing Initiative for their financial support for this project.